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I counted again 3 years ago
The "sister" sucked at a rate of 15 strokes from 6:50 to 7:00 that's 15×6=90 sucks per minute.. gosh that's awhole lotta sucking dick these hoes are herhoes
3 years ago
Name please ?
Big chungus 3 years ago
So how’s everyone’s day
3 years ago
this shit went from 0 to 100 reallll quick
Tell me I'm wrong 2 years ago
Girls: guys can't judge our boobs size bc we can't control it
Guys: *have a small dick*
Girls: *laughs*
Name 3 years ago
Gianna Gem and Allie Nicole
3 years ago
I‘m a grower and not a shower
I counted 3 years ago
From 5:30 secs to 6:00 she stroked his dick with her mouth 50+ times I counted that's 100 per minute bitch sucked his dick 100 revolutions per minute that is very kind
3 years ago
The sister at the start of the video was the reaction of a real sister, sister: "That's my brother.!"
Aye 3 years ago
My naame